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Pronounced Ray-Key, and meaning Universal Life Force, Reiki is a powerful form of healing energy. Reiki flows from Therapist to Client, either face to face or via distance healing.

Reiki therapy offers you deep peace and relaxation, will help you release physical and/or emotional pain, and give you a sense of well-being & balance. Consequently, deep sleep and renewed energy are just some of the benefits you’ll experience after a session of Reiki.

That is to say, Reiki Energy healing can help the flow of energy around your body. A Reiki session can help unblock energy trapped around your energy centres (Chakras) and bring you back in to balance. Your experience will change each time you visit depending on your mood and energy flow at the time.

Are you feeling the call to awaken your Soul?

Are you aware that something needs to change but you’re unsure of what?

Jen is naturally attuned to energy healing. She knew how to heal and absorb energies before reading any of the theories about the practice. As a result, Reiki could be the therapy recommended for you at Anam Caim.

Using techniques including trans meditation, cleansing and healing, Reiki Energy Healing is a natural way to bring your body back in to balance.

Leave it to Jen – your Soul is in safe hands, she knows just what to do.

Is Reiki best for you? Jen will advise you on your first visit. Book today