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Sitting crossed legged on the floor, chanting ‘OM’ is the traditional form of Meditation. Not all Meditation needs to be like that, although it does have its place.

Meditation is about choosing to focus your mind on something, one thing at a time. Reading a book or baking a cake can be a form of Meditation. Meditation is also about being open to change and acceptance through daily practice (observance).

Meditation is not an exotic or inaccessible practice. It isn’t a religious act to make you ‘holy’ and it doesn’t involve spending hours in a special sitting pose.

So why would you want to Meditate?

Do it to become more aware of your body, to balance your emotions. Meditate to sharpen your mind, for better health and to contemplate the mysteries of life.

Meditation has been practised in many cultures for thousands of years and is a very down to earth, available to all, practice.

By consciously carving out time in your day to focus your mind, you’ll receive positive guidance towards a calmer, more balanced and mindful life.

Join us for our regular Group Guided Meditation every Wednesday at 6.30pm. 1:1 sessions are also available.