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Meditation has been practised in many cultures for thousands of years due to its many benefits. It is an ancient but very down-to-earth practice. It’s not mystical or religious.

By carving out time in your day, and making a conscious effort to focus your mind, you’re moving towards the rewards of a calmer, more balanced and mindful life.

There are many forms of Meditation. Choosing to focus your mind on one thing at a time, such as reading a book or baking these are forms of meditation.

It isn’t an exotic and inaccessible practice, it doesn’t involve sitting for hours in a special pose. It’s also not a solely religious act to make you ‘holy’.

We offer a weekly Group Guided Meditation, suitable for all levels, every Wednesday at 6.30pm. If you’d like to join us and create more balance in your life, click the link below to book.