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Opening Hours

Tue - Fri: 8AM - 7PM

Anam Caim wants to help the local Harborne community with their Mental Health concerns.

Mental Health can come in many forms and it’s something that we all have, just like physical health. One of the things that helps to determine the severity of the Mental Health concern is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from some unsettling news or a distracting situation.

As a CIC, Anam Caim holds activities to bring the beautiful Harborne Community together.

You may want to join our group meditation practices or Yoga class. Perhaps sign up to work in our quiet co-working space. Hire a room for a special Company ‘away-day workshops’ working off-site.

We’re really flexible in how we work with local businesses and residents, anything, well almost anything, is possible! If you have any ideas, then please get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to Anam Caim. Let’s meet up today.

P.S. If you didn’t know. A Community Interest Company (CIC for short) is usually a not for profit organisation. They’re set up to have a positive impact in their local area. Any questions please ask!